All Lies: Multivitamins Useless, Study Says

Well, that's one less thing to do during our already hectic mornings: Two new studies have come out detailing how multivitamins are actually completely useless and a waste of money, The industry is probably not pleased.

Reuters reports that two reports published in the Annals of Internal Medicine found that multivitamins had no effect on heart disease, thinking and memory skills, and little effect on cancer risk (and only for men). So taking vitamins? It won't exactly make you any healthier.

Instead of wasting money on pills, "People... should be active, should not (overeat), should avoid excessive alcohol, and should not be spending money on these pills, these vitamins and minerals," Dr. Cynthia Mulrow told Reuters Health.

The first report recorded memory tests for men for 12 years, discovering that multivitamins had no effect on the results. The second study examined both men and women who had suffered from a heart attack. Over the next 12 years, 27 percent of multivitamin users died or had another issue, compared to 30 percent of the placebo users. All of which is to say, vitamins might just be a big waste of money.

"For the general population who (is healthy) and they are taking vitamins because they are thinking that somehow the vitamins are going to make them do better, people are entitled to waste their money in any way that they like," reseracher Dr. Gervasio Lamas told Reuters.