Alice Cooper Inducted into White Castle Hall of Fame


Tell us the truth, Mr. Cooper. You wish that fire in your hand was a handful of White Castle sliders, don't you?

Legendary rocker Alice Cooper can now say that he is the proud member of two Halls of Fame: the Rock N’ Roll Hall of Fame, into which Cooper and his band were inducted in 2011, and now the White Castle Hall of Fame: reserved for serious four-corner burger fans. The “School’s Out” singer was inducted into the White Castle Hall of Fame on July 7th and joins the ranks of 170 other cravers who all have rich and varied stories about their love for White Castle.

"When you're on the road, you live at different restaurants," said Alice Cooper at the Hall of Fame Ceremony at White Castle headquarters in Columbus, Ohio. "And anyone that knows my band knows that if we're on this side of the Mississippi and we pass a White Castle, we stop."

Other hall of famers include the team behind Harold and Kumar Go To White Castle, as well as a woman who fell in love with her husband over their mutual love for the fast food joint, and a 90-year-old woman who claims to be the first-ever White Castle fan (and was born the year White Castle was founded).

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