6 Lessons Learned From the FLOTUS Twitter School Lunch Q&A

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FLOTUS answered questions on Twitter about how our schools can and will change how kids eat.

The First Lady has been leading the way when it comes to keeping our kids in tip-top shape, from her “Let’s Move!” campaign to school lunch reform. Yesterday afternoon, she held a Twitter Q&A in which she answered some questions about the future of school lunches and keeping kids healthy.

Vending machines don’t have to be all bad: Mrs. Obama said that starting this fall, the FDA will be putting healthier snacks in school vending machines.

She started a White House garden in part to help kids make healthy choices: Making kids a part of the process of making healthier choices for themselves is part of the reason why she created the White House garden.

She wants Home Economics classes to make a comeback: When a user asked about teaching cooking in schools, the First Lady said that the USDA is exploring how cooking can be more readily available as a skill for students to learn in school in the future.

Local produce should make an appearance in school lunches: “Seasonal produce is often more affordable and supporting local farmers helps the economy and helps our kids,”says FLOTUS.

She means business when it comes to raising healthy kids: When one user asked about teaching kids to have more adventurous palates, she said “be vigilant and start early. It takes many tries before kids adjust to new tastes.”

90% of schools have met the new standards: But that still means we have a ways to go.

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