300 Sandwiches Girl Finally Gets Her Proposal After Only 256

300 Sandwiches

She said yes! "Sandwich girl" gets her proposal earlier than she expected.

It was love at 256th bite. Stephanie Smith certainly gained a lot of attention when she began her blog two years ago documenting her adventures in sandwich-making after her boyfriend jokingly said to her, “honey, you’re 300 sandwiches away from a proposal!” She finally got the proposal of her dreams after making the 256th sandwich last week (which happened to be grilled mahi-mahi, Bajan hot pepper sauce and tomato and mango salsa on a salt bun).

Apparently, her beau, Eric didn’t want to wait for 300 sandwiches before popping the question. He  proposed while the two were on vacation in Barbados, and it involved him getting down on one knee in front of dozens of flower petals in the shape of a heart.

Smith said she was “shocked” when Eric proposed early, writing in her New York Post tell-all, “Eric is a man of his word — he always calls when he says he will, follows through on vacation plans and is never more than three minutes late for dinner or a movie…..When we headed to Barbados for a vacation with four of our close friends last week, I didn’t suspect a thing.”

Smith drew a ton of controversy from her critics who denounced the whole idea as sexist, degrading and perpetuating gender stereotypes. Smith has maintained that the whole idea was fun, and that Eric actually does most of the cooking.

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