Watch: The Bodega Cats of Sunset Park, Brooklyn

New York City’s bodega cats share their story, courtesy of their loving bodega owners
Watch:The Bodega Cats of Sunset Park, Brooklyn

In this episode, we meet Nushi and Tiger of Sunset Park.

WNYC’s adorable series, “Bodega Cats in Their Own Words,” returns with a Sunset Park, Brooklyn edition featuring two cats: Tiger and Nushi. Tiger (orange) is voiced by his owner Santos, while Nushi (grey and white) is voiced by his owner Sam.

Nushi, as voiced by Sam, eats lots of Yemeni and Arabic food, and prefers halal food to cat food whenever possible.

Nushi has lived in this particular bodega for more than four years, and is beloved by the whole neighborhood. Nushi loves life and knows how he’ll spend the rest of his days.

Tiger’s story, as narrated by Santos, began when his mother left the store one day. Some months later, Tiger was born. Now, he spends his days sleeping, eating, and being good looking. Tiger is seven months old and knows how adorable he is. Each day, Tiger is exposed to several different languages, and has become quite cultured. “Nothing bothers me in this world,” says Tiger.

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