Restaurant Cancels Gay Wedding Reception, Allegedly Cites Feng Shui

Apparently, happy gay marriages aren't good for feng shui, a manager claimed
Gay Marriage

Just when you thought the slew of anti-gay restaurant news would stop, a Greenwich Village restaurant decided to cancel a same-sex wedding party, saying it didn't work with feng shui. Right.

The New York Daily News reports that a same-sex couple is suing the owner of a New York chain of asian restaurants, saying their civil rights were violated. The couple allegedly had put down a $750 deposit for dinner at Amber Village, only to have the event moved to sister restaurant Amber, then canceled outright.

According to the lawsuit, a senior manager identified as Mr. Fong called up the manager working with the couple, saying, "he didn't want any 'gay parties' at Amber Village."

The lawsuit goes on to recount that "Fong instructed [manager Tommy] Ho to ‘make an excuse’ and tell Greene that his rehearsal dinner could not take place at Amber Village and that his wedding could not be catered by them either. Fong also told Ho that it's ‘very bad’ for Amber Village to book ‘gay parties’ and that big groups of ‘gay partyers’ are especially bad for feng shui."

According to the suit, Ho was then fired and could not be reached for comment. The couple claims they were not refunded their deposit. A manager of one of the Amber restaurants told NYDN he was surprised by the allegations, saying, "This is the West Village. We don’t turn away anyone. We have gay managers."

Meanwhile, Amber Village manager Fong Lin told the Daily News that the accusations are "ridiculous," and that the reservation was canceled because the restaurant was moving to a new location on Christopher Street. The original location at Sixth Avenue and 10th Street, where the couple planned to have their reception, closed in June.