School Lunch Goes All-Vegetarian

A New York City public elementary school may be the first to offer an all-vegetarian lunch menu every day for students, AP reports.

New York City Public School 244, which opened in 2008 and teaches 400 students, pre-kindergarten through third grade, has reportedly made the switch to completely vegetarian meals.

The school, which started serving vegetarian meals three times a week to provide healthy food options, increased vegetarian meals to four times a week, and now five, thanks to students' popular demand. "We discovered early on that our kids were gravitating toward our vegetarian offerings, and we kept expanding the program to meet the demand," principal Robert Groff said.

P.S. 244 may be the first all-vegetarian public school in the city, not to mention the United States.  Recently, the students were served black bean and Cheddar quesadillas with salsa and roasted potatoes, which sounds a lot better than the greasy slices of pepperoni pizza we had while in school. Kids these days.