New McDonald's Menu Items

McDonald's menus vary around the world depending on what appeals to country-specific consumer taste buds. Items that are either in the process of being launched worldwide, or even country-specific ones, go through an arduous process in order to be able to reach McDonald's taste profiles and marketing goals.

Imitation American products like the 1955 burger, which hints at the year of Ray Kroc's first McDonald's restaurant in Des Plaines, Illinois, tastes nothing like an American barbecue burger, because McDonald's has manipulated the overall taste to appeal to the German taste, where the burger is a hit. Other items like the Le M from France, and the NY Classic, also from Germany, are successes in country, but are profiled for their home countries, and have no current plans to move into the United States menu's.

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Though McDonald's is constantly developing new ideas and recipes, the company reports that they will not be releasing vegetarian-specific menu items in in countries until its consumer crowd can be large enough to receive a "product with good quality and taste" says Chris Young, McDonald's Senior Director.

Shaker Fries are in the process of being brought to the United States after unwavering success in Asia, as reported by Young. This simple concept, including a small bag, a packet of seasoning, and a serving of fries brings a whole new flavor to one of our favorite fast food fries, profiling them for taste specifically. Though the flavors for the United States haven't been fully developed yet, it has been hinted that there will most likely be a ranch flavored zest-ing packet.

The Bacon Habanero Ranch Quarter Pounder is a revolutionary item to add to a menu like McDonald's, and as the name hints, this burger is for spice lovers only. On top of this Quarter pounder comes topped with white cheddar, lettuce, tomato, a new habanero ranch sauce, and of course, bacon. This burger has serious heat when it's tasted, so if you don't like spice, you might want to get a large drink or stay away.

McSharing is becoming quite popular in countries like Germany that sell products in larger portions for group sharing. With so many cultures being family or group-oriented, people prefer to share their food as opposed to buying several different items. The Chicken Box comes in variations of '3er and 5er' choices, which includes varied portions of Mcnuggets, Chicken Sticks, and McBites.

The Egg White Delight, which was already launched in the United States earlier this year, has so many questions surrounding it. McDonald's Director of Global Nutrition Julia Braun highlighted that this McMuffin variation has eight grams of whole grain, and cuts down drastically on cholesterol by replacing the traditional Mcdonald's egg with an egg white. She is looking to incorporate more grains into McDonald's menu items, focusing on whole grain buns and sprinkled oats on bread specifically, for more rounded nutritional content.