New Food Delivery Service Encourages Families To Eat Healthy

A week after its successful launch, Fitly, a new, weekly, healthy meal planning program has officially delivered its first order to the Penn Medicine Radnor employees, one of its leading strategic partners.

As a way to curb rising obesity rates and make healthy eating fun and easy for kids and parents alike, founder Anthony Ortiz created Fitly, a meal planning and food delivery service that helps families eat healthier. Fitly is Ortiz's answer in addressing one of America's biggest health issues.

So, how does Fitly work? As of right now, Fitly has only launched as an online meal planning service, where busy parents who choose to subscribe to the Fitly program can start by constructing their meal plans by choosing from a list of USDA's My Plate and Harvard's Healthy Eating Plate approved meals online.

Fitly's plan for the future is to then take these online orders and deliver handpicked, healthy groceries free of charge directly to community recreation centers, workplaces or schools around the nation where the families can pick them up. After only a week of being in business, Fitly was able to unlock a location in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania at Penn Medicine. Many customers, including Cherie Pray, the Systems Integrator at Penn Medicine, expressed their anticipation at receiving their first round of fresh ingredients and meal plans and seeing the program come alive.

Currently, however, Fitly's delivery service requires that it "unlocks" a location before they can begin delivering to that area, meaning that up to 40 families must sign up for the Fitly meal planning services in a given area in order to start receiving deliveries. Community members must also market their school or recreation center as a a potential Fitly site. 

The Fitly team has committed itself to transforming healthy eating from something that is tedious and stressful into a convenient habit for the whole family. Spreading the word about the program and increasing support for their Indiegogo campaign, will help Fitly launch their full-fledged delivery service soon.

For its first delivery, customers could drive up to Fitly's truck between 3 and 7 pm and give their order information and the "Fitly Family" in turn brought their requested groceries directly to their cars, free of charge. The Penn employees were excited that the Fitly service would allow them to have access to healthier meals, even with the little amount of free time they had each day to cook.

Many customers also rejoice that eating healthy with Fitly does not mean they have to give up the flavors of their less healthy dishes. The healthy Fitly meal planning dishes range from Steak Pizzaiola to Cheese Ravioli with Three Pepper topping.

Through its efforts in increasing availability and desire for healthy food, Fitly has shown that eating healthy doesn't have to mean hours in the kitchen and bland meals.