New Fish to Look Out For

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Check out these new fish varieties swimming your way

Photo Sasabune Omakase Modified: Flickr/erin/CC 4.0

Deciding what to make for dinner can become either a stressful or repetitive process depending on what you want to do: feel like experimenting with something new but don’t know where to start? Often that search can lead to excessive results and frustration on the web (double that if you’re already hungry). But then if you fall back on your go-to meal of broiled salmon or pan-fried tilapia, it can be a monotonous experience. (Not that anything is wrong with either of these dishes, they are fantastic — just not every night.) This is where we come in: we researched the latest fish to hit the scene so you can explore your options without being overwhelmed with the possibilities — plus this could lead to an exciting adventure both in and out of the kitchen.

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With threats of overfishing and depleting certain populations of fish (think Chilean Sea Bass), expanding the varieties of fish that you buy is actually a smart choice. Of course, it’s good to check the Sustainable Fish Guide to make sure that the fish is eco-friendly and on the safe list to consume, but trying something new never hurts. And the best part about purchasing fish from a fishmonger is that they will usually do most of the hard work for you. Instead of having to struggle with removing the gills of the John Dory yourself, you can simply poach it in a light tomato broth and enjoy.

Rather than buying tilapia for your go-to flakey whitefish, try seasoning and pan-frying tigerfish (similar but a little denser). If haddock is out of season, then replace it with threadfin, a white fish that’s well-suited for frying. If you’re looking to really throw your dinner guests for a loop, visit your local Chinese market to cook up some beltfish or corvina. Check out this slideshow to learn more and see some fantastic recipe ideas.

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Additional research and writing by Will Budiaman.