New Cocktail Chart Lets You Drink Like The Stars

The company, Pop Chart Lab, has recently issued a cocktail chart with recipes for the favorite drinks of characters across literature and film. At $29.00, the buyer gets a catalog of 49 drinks  everything from Fredo Corleone's Banana Daiquiri in The Godfather to Ebenezer Scrooge's "Smoking Bishop" in A Christmas Carol.

With a busy lifestyle, maybe you don't have time to completely redo your wardrobe or daily life, and you just want a simple way to pretend that you're a part of Daisy Buchanan's world. Sipping James Bond's martini of choice or the Cosmopolitan made famous by Carrie Bradshaw could change up your cocktail hour. And of course, everyone wants to live it up like Jay Gatsby — you won't be able to walk through a bookstore or movie theater without being bombarded with images for the newly released film, The Great Gatsby. And we can't blame you for wanting to kick back with a few gin cocktails, or throw your very own Great Gatsby-themed fete.