New Coca-Cola Commercial Responds to Obesity Critics

The new ad aims to defend the number one drink in America

Well, this is certainly a twist: While most have no problem criticizing Coca-Cola for contributing to the growing statistics of obesity in America (see: the "Real Bears" video), it appears the soda company is turning the tables to defend itself. 

The Associated Press reports on a new ad from Coca-Cola, to be shown on various news networks (and during the Super Bowl) that defends itself against its critics. The ad sets up two arguments: first, that all kinds of calories — not just those from soda — are what will make you fat, and second, that Coke has plenty of low-cal drinks that won't make you fat. The ad, which shows how to burn of those measly 140 calories in a Coke, is said to help address the continuing confusion of just how many calories are in a soda. (According to Coca-Cola's market research, some people thought that a can of Coke has as many as 900 calories; hint: it's called a nutrition label.) 


A spokesperson for Coca-Cola told the AP that the ad is simply to keep up with "the issue of the times." "We have not done a good enough job in telling our story and being consistent in telling our story" in regards to the discussion on obesity, said spokesperson Diana Garza Ciarlante. The ad is just part of Coke's ongoing efforts to be clear with its calorie counts, whether on its U.K. "calorie counter" website or its new vending machines that display calorie counts.