Nestle Now Makes White Chip Lemon Cookie Dough

Are you a smart cookie, or a tart cookie?

Are you a smart cookie, or a tart cookie? Nestle now makes Toll House white chip lemon cookie dough, so your baked goodies can be both tangy and sweet.

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The sweet treat is a ready-to-bake dough with natural lemon flavor, and dotted with white Nestle morsels. If lemony goodness is your jam, it seems like a natural treat for springtime, as fruits and flowers begin to poke their heads out once more.

The ready-to-go dough couldn’t be easier. Each package features 24 chunks of cookie dough, which you just need to separate and put on a baking sheet before popping in the oven.

Some shoppers are already finding the new dough in their local stores, but Nestle tells The Daily Meal that it’ll be easier to find closer to Valentine’s Day, and will of course be available through Easter, priced at around $2.99.


This is a much more spring-like treat than the Lumps of Coal cookies Nestle was offering at Christmastime. If you want to go beyond the cookie, check out 21 irresistible chocolate chip desserts.