NBA Playoffs 2012 Food Fight Results

Philadelphia wins the NBA food fight

While the Miami Heat may have won the NBA Finals, Philadelphia has taken the NBA food fight 2012 championship title.

When the last eight NBA teams began battling it out on the court for the championship title in mid-May, The Daily Meal decided to have them battle it out in the kitchen, too. We made a food bracket based on the NBA Playoff bracket for each NBA team’s hometown treats.

Round one pitted the Philadelphia 76ers' cheesesteak and hoagies against the Boston Celtics’ Boston cream pie. Since Miami doesn’t have an official food and the Miami Heat’s official team food, Del Monte veggies and fruit, was sure to lose any day against a fried pork sandwich, we gave Miami a fighting chance by adding the humble Cuban sandwich.

Miami was eliminated in round two of the four-round NBA Playoffs 2012 Food Fight. The Indiana Pacers’ pork tenderloin sandwich toasted Miami’s Del Monte fruits and vegetables and Cuban sandwich with 96 percent of the votes cast in favor of the crispy, juicy pork sandwich.

The San Antonio Spurs’ tamales and puffy tacos took on the Los Angeles Clippers’ French dip sandwich and the Oklahoma City Thunder’s chicken-fried steak and onion burger took on the Los Angeles Lakers’ French dip sandwich in the first round. See where your favorite team’s treats originated.

But in the end, only two teams were left standing in the final round, the Philadelphia 76ers’ cheesesteak and hoagies and Oklahoma City Thunder’s chicken-fried steak and onion burger.

The cheesesteaks and hoagies garnered 88.9 percent of the votes for hometown favorite. The Daily Meal is going to celebrate by eating indulging in a haute hoagie.