Natural Energy Boosters

Swap the caffeine pick-me-ups for these healthy alternatives

More Non-Food-Related Energy Boosters


A well-proven method of boosting those high-energy endorphins that keep the brain awake.

Power Nap or Meditation

There are lots of restorative powers in taking a short “power nap” to refuel. Ten or 15 minutes should do it, and longer than that can leave you groggier than when you started. Meditation is also a wonderful method for achieving better focus afterwards.

Get Enough Sleep 

Getting enough sleep will reduce fatigue and give you more stamina to get through the day.  

Breathing Properly

Breathing properly (belly breathing, where you really get a lung full of air, gets more oxygen to your brain and muscles). Most of us breathe in our chests, maintaining our bellies tight and only take a fraction of oxygen in with each breath than is optimal. Learning how to “take a few breaths” when you’re fatigued, stressed, nervous, or whatever can make a huge difference!