National Apple Month

Matching your favorite apple with your personality
US Apple Association

"What kind of apple are you?"

Ever thought your favorite apple matched your personality? The US Apple Association has created a personality match for you and your favorite apples to celebrate October’s national apple month.

According to Similar Minds, those who enjoy gadgets, problem solving, are curious, observant, strategic, inventive, mindful, and get lost in thought are considered those with an intellectual personality. Meet your apple: the Ginger Gold.  Its color is a mix between yellow and gold and the taste is both sweet and sharp. It’s commonly used for delicious apple pies.

Are you obsessed with working out, hitting the gym, and your overall health? You belong with the Fuji apple.  Though they aren’t the best for baking, the Fuji apples are popular for their sweet taste. Appletizeme suggests you pair it with the Otria Sweet Vanilla Cinnamon Greek Yogurt Fruit Dip.

For those social butterflies who can’t to seem stop talking to people and make new friends everywhere they go, you are a Gala apple. Gala apples have a buttery flavor and are often used in sauces.

80 Desserts: Apple Pie

The U.S Apple Association (USApple) is made up of 40 states and regional apple associations. Together they represent apple growers and individuals firms. Their mission “is to provide the means for all segments of the U.S. apple industry to join in appropriate collective efforts to profitably produce and market apples and apple products.”