Nantucket Wine Festival: May 18 – 22, 2011

The Nantucket Wine Festival has become, over the years, a not-to-be-missed destination for wine lovers of all shapes and sizes. Known best for the Grand Tasting event, held for two days over the weekend,

Held at the Nantucket Yacht Club, the Grand Tasting event showcases vintages from over 165 purveyors paired with some of Nantucket's most prized fare including Company of the Cauldron's vine-smoked salmon, artisanal breads, local clam chowder, Nantucket Pasta Goddess' pasta, and Island Creek oysters. Participating wineries include Benziger Vineyards, Hess Collection, and Chateau D'Eclans and hail from such regions as Northern California, Argentina, France, and Australia. (Photo courtesy of Nantucket Wine Festival)

Wine and food seminars over the weekend will touch on such topics as old and new world cheeses, barbecue, and one called "Sparklers! Diamonds and Veuve Clicquot." (We are convinced that last one will sell out quick!) Then, held at the White Elephant Hotel, the Harbor Gala will offer a chance to taste cuisines with wine pairings while all dolled up. Enjoy organic chocolates, local figs, dishes from

Le Languedoc, and Vermont cheeses. (Photo courtesy of Nantucket Wine Festival)

Ticket prices range from $215 (for just the Grand Tasting events) to $750 (for passes to all events). There are also single event tickets with individual tastings starting from $75 and luncheons starting at $40.