Nadia G. to Trade Stilettos for Cowboy Boots

A SOBEWFF preview interview with Cooking Channel's Nadia G.

A SOBEWFF preview interview with Cooking Channel's Nadia G.

You couldn't miss Nadia G. at last year's South Beach Wine & Food Festival. She and her crew could be seen parying it up at the front entrance of The Q. They weren't displaying as death-defying behavior as the belly dancers swinging fire around or trapeze artists hanging from the ceiling at other festival events, but Nadia and her crew definitely drew quite a bit of attention with... well, their shenanigans and the fun they were having that went into it. Look for Nadia and crew to be at it again this year in Miami. 

The Cooking Channel host of Bitchin' Kitchen will be participating in José Andrés' Celebrity Chef Golf Tournament along with among others, chefs Alex Guarnaschelli, Ming Tsai, Linton Hopkins, Edward Lee, Cesare Casella, and Todd English. Has she ever golfed before? Does she plan on wearing her signature stilettos on the course? Does she have anything new in the works? A new tattoo maybe? In this interview previewing the upcoming Food Network South Beach Wine & Food Festival (Feb. 21 through the 24), Nadia G. discusses her upcoming EP, a new comedy-travel series she's working on, and channels Joan Jett in response to any haters.

You're going to be participating in a celebrity golf tournament hosted by José Andrés along with participating chefs including Alex Guarnaschelli, Ming Tsai, Linton Hopkins, Edward Lee, Cesare Casella, and Todd English  do you golf? And if you do, what's your handicap?
I’ve never golfed in my life — I’m just a simple girl who liked to get kicked out of bars. Perhaps my handicap is not having blue chip stock :P.

What's your approach to this event and will you be wearing your signature 3-inch cherry stiletto heels?
As much as I love my stilettos, you simply can’t do ‘em at SoBe events with all that stinkin’ sand. Trust me, behold the chafing: Bitchin Kitchen's Ode To Stilettos at South Beach Wine and Food Fest. For me the parties are best enjoyed in a pair of sh*t-kicking cowboy boots.

Nadia G. displays her cowboy-boot approach to the festival.

Who do you think people should look out for on the course? Which chef will have the most skills?
It’s hard to say, especially when you know nothing about golf. All I know is people should look out for my Sloppy Ginos! Mannagia, these sliders are going to be EPIC.

What's the most fun festival event you've ever attended?
I always love the bubbles and barbecue event: The Q. Champagne + succulent pork bits = happy times.

Any new Miami restaurant that you're particularly looking forward to checking out during this visit?
I’ve been meaning to go to Joe’s Stone Crab for ages now! This time I swear I’ll make it there. Did you know that stone crab claws grow back? Now that’s what I call a pet.

Putting aside hometown bias, Montreal or New York bagels?
Montreal bagels all the way. Sorry New York City, but you do win for pizza.

It seems these days as though everyone wants to be Italian. In fact, not too long ago, Mario Batali put it this way, "There are two kinds of people in the world, those who are Italian, and those who wish they were Italian." You're of Italian descent, how do you feel about this and what do you make of it?
Hehe, I don’t know about that. Although Italians can be charismatic and make a mean pasta, depending what generation they’re from, they can also be: sexist, racist, homophobic, and nationalist… it’s the little things that get to me.

You're Italian-Canadian… finish these sentences:
Meatballs are always made with... Parmigianno and fresh parsley.
Tomato gravy never has... cheapo "cooking wine."

Is there any one Canadian adaptation of an Italian or Italian-American dish that you can only find where you're from?
Lasagna bianco, potato croquettes, penne al forno

Anything going on in Canada cuisine wise that hasn't caught on yet here in the States that 1) you think Americans are completely missing out on, or 2) really think has potential to take off here?
I’d say poutine, but it's already taking off on the coasts. Smoked meat is next, baby. Watch out, pastrami!

You've talked about your shtick before, saying that the goal is for people to not be intimidated in the kitchen and you've done really well for yourself with it. What do you say to the haters who it turns off?
When it comes to haters, Joan Jett said it best.

How do you see yourself and your brand evolving over the next five years?
We’re getting more into other aspects of lifestyle: Travel, DIY… for me it’s all about bringing a Bitchin’ attitude to vanilla-lifestyle entertainment across the board. I’ll be dabbling in pop-ups this spring, some live Bitchin’ Kitchen shows…. I’m also going to release an EP of comedy songs, with such classics as:
"B*tch, Nobody Cares About Your Wedding Blog," "Brooklyn Hipster Brunch," and “I’m Never Drinking Like That Again." 

At last check you had three tattoos that you'd designed yourself. Any new ones since then, or on the horizon?
No news ones since this season, but I’m thinking of getting a knuckle tattoo.

What's next? Any new upcoming plans you can share? New season of Bitchin' Kitchen? New cookbook?
I have a new comedy-travel series in the works where me and the Bitchin' Kitchen crew (Panos, Spice Agent, and Hans) are hitting the road across the USA. There goes the neighborhood.


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