My Recipes' 9 Budget-Friendly Party Ideas

When summertime comes around, everyone's minds turn to hosting — BBQs, parties by the pool, and beach outings are all events that become staples on the summer social circuit. But instead of breaking your bank by attempting to host a series of lavish soirées, keep things simple and easy with My Recipes' nine tips for budget-friendly party ideas.

Hosting your party during the day keeps the bar cost down, as guests will be less likely to consume a lot of alcohol at a midday event as opposed to an evening one. Also, by simply hosting a happy hour get-together instead of an all-out dinner party, you'll save cash by serving a series of small snacks and drinks in place of a full meal. Or, keep things low-key and host a movie night for yourself and a couple of friends — popping some popcorn and opening a few bottle bottles of wine will be inexpensive and will keep down the costs of having to go out for the night.

Whatever your mood or the occasion at hand, remember that keeping things simple this summer ensures that you will be able to enjoy the gatherings you host and, most importantly, relax.

This story was originally published on June 25, 2013.