Must-Try DIY For 2013

As we continue to grow here at The Daily Meal, the number of our Pinterest followers continues to climb as well. And though we like to think that we're adventurous  andadventurous and wise when it comes to our areas of expertise — cooking, drinking, eating, traveling, and entertaining — we have to admit we're slacking a bit in the DIY department.

If you've noticed browsed the DIY section on the Entertain page, than then you can recognize our efforts! We at the Entertain channel are committed to being more self-sufficient in the art of DIY because once again the world has proven that anything done, we can do better ourselves. For proof, just take a peek at any DIY blog, we dare you.

Be on the lookout for more stories from our DIY girl, Elizabeth DePaul, who loves a good arts and crafts project every once and a while, not to mention baking the sweetest confections as well.

So here's to doing -it -yourself and here are a few must, must, must-tryss for 2013 that we'll be trying testing out and we thinking you should be trying as well.

MUST-Try DIY for 2013:

Chalkboard Refrigerator: Who needs to-do and grocery lists when you can write on the actual refrigerator itself? —So cool.

Fringe Balloons: As the garland tassel continues to be on trend, —so are balloons. Make any birthday, bash, or shower extra special with this extra touch. 

Chevron — Aanything!: This Missoni-esque print is so modern and fun and is ideal for any room of the house, from the kitchen to the dining room to the living area. Go metallic and add a pop of color to the panels underneath your kitchen cabinets with this design or even better, make serving trays that are unique. 

Candy Buffets: We've given this a try and if you haven't already, —it's a must at your next bash. 

Cake Stands: All right you've made the cake — but it's all about presentation isn't it?