Must-Haves for Summer Entertaining

Staff Writer
Get yourself ready for the beach, sun, and fun with these goodies
Summer fun is about to happen.

Summer fun is about to happen.

Ready or not, summer is hot on your heels, so get prepared to take on the next three months like a champ, with all the right tools in tow.

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For some, the season of fun and sun means time spent at the beach, pool, and BBQs. For others, it’s outdoor dining, parties, and events. We're fairly certain an outdoor cocktail soirée, beach bonfire, or holiday pool party will be gracing your calendar at some point in the very near future, and in order to enjoy these events, one must be fully equipped to entertain and attend in fabulous trend-setting fashion. So we present the list — The Daily Meal's must, must, must-have list for summer entertaining. 

Think floating pretzels, a portable party, a grill like no other, and tea that will make you feel so luxurious you'll know why it comes from a palais. The great thing about most of these products is that not only to they really pop up on your radar during the summer months, but they're cool in our book all year round. Except for the floatable pretzel, that might work if you have a giant bathtub, in which case we're coming to your house!

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These are the outrageous, innovative, and downright fun products that are going to be making your summer a blast, from Memorial Day to Labor Day. Don’t believe us? See for yourselves; beware of the need for immediate spending to follow. We warned you. Besides, no one said summer swagger was cheap.