'Music Sommeliers' Are a Thing Now

Thanks, GoogaMooga, now there's another food/music profession
DJs, Getting Into Restaurant Music

DJs, Getting Into Restaurant Music

Whoever thought it was very important to pair food with music (most likely the guys behind this study) is probably very happy right now. The LA Times reports that a couple of restaurants are now hiring people called "music sommeliers" to pick out music for restaurants.

"People consider the music a demonstration of whether this place is for them," Bill Chait, of Playa and Picca, said.

So instead of getting a Pandora station from a line cook, restaurants are turning to marketing companies or music companies to provide "highly customized playlists," with one company's sales growing 40 percent in the past year. Somehow, this sounds so very corporate. Regular folks would just hire DJs, or turn on the radio.