Mugs For Wintertime Drinks

When you come indoors from playing in the cold winter air, nothing warms you up from the inside better than a cup of your favorite hot drink (while warming your cold fingers by wrapping them around the mug). Yet, we often forget about serving guests a mug of something hot when they come over for a visit, partly because our cabinets are full of mugs that are mis-matched and emblazoned with logos that it's just so... embarrassing. And, unlike cold drinks or those served at room temperature, it is a challenge to find the right vessel for that hot beverage. Traditional wine glasses break under the heat, and forget about serving mulled wine in a boring mug with your company's logo on it.

The next time you are expecting guests this winter, whip up a batch of a hot apple cider or mulled wine, and pull out some of these beautiful mugs from your cabinets. Each are versatile enough to hold anything from tea to a rich hot chocolate, are beautiful to display, and are just the shape to wrap your hands around, while talking with your friends by the fire.


Credit: gleena ceramics

I love wrapping my hands around my morning cappuccino, and this Roomy Tea Bowl from gleena ceramics is just the thing I'd like to have on hand. While it reminds me of the classic café au lait bowls used in France, I'd also use it to serve tea to my guests when they come over for a girls-only tea party, or for a big bowl of rum-spiked hot apple cider.


Credit: The Conran Shop

At first glance, this Union Mug from The Conran Shop might remind you of a vintage tin cup, the kind travelers would lash to the side of their packs when trekking through the Wild West. Constructed in Italy of earthenware, not tin, each mug is finished with one of four vintage colors and distressed for an authentic appearance. It's perfect for serving a rich hot chocolate to both kids and adults after coming in from sledding.


Credit: Crate and Barrel

The classic glass Irish coffee mug is a more retro alternative to the classic mug, but it is just the vessel for serving a variety of warm winter drinks like cocoa, coffee, and even mulled wine. This inexpensive yet durable mug from Crate and Barrel is both microwave and dishwasher safe; we, however, don't recommend pouring a boiling hot liquid inside.

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