Mother’s Eating Habits During, Before Pregnancy Could Predict Obesity in Child

Researchers find that obesity in children can be predicted as early as two months old

Photo Sasabune Omakase Modified: Flickr/erin/CC 4.0

Be careful what you eat during pregnancy. Your eating habits could affect your soon-to-be-born baby’s growth patterns and future weight. A study found that obesity can be predicted in babies as young as two months old, according to Science Daily, and that how a mother eats during pregnancy could influence a baby’s hormones and eating patterns.

In addition to how a mother eats during pregnancy, how much she weighs and the substances she inhales before a pregnancy may also influence a baby’s weight.

Studying 221 children, researchers found that by age five, children who were overweight, obese, or severely obese showed different development patterns from birth than children with healthy weights. Obese five-year-olds showed a higher weight over height proportion at two to four months old.

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