Most Popular Date Foods: Frozen Yogurt, Pizza, and Food Trucks

How About We has compiled a bunch of statistics, and surprisingly, more New York dates go for dessert

If you were planning on asking someone out for some fro-yo, you might want to be a bit more original. According to some stats from dating site How About We (hat tip to Esquire), frozen yogurt is the top food item suggested on a date in New York, Seattle, and San Francisco.

In the meantime, Boston daters are three times more likely to suggest tapas, whereas Austin, Texas, singles often go for food trucks and Washington, D.C. folks suggest cupcakes. We're moving to Austin if this is the case, FYI.

As for drinking dates? Beer is the most popular in Austin, with the best response rate, whereas "whiskey is four times more popular in Chicago than the national average," How About We says. Vodka pops up 10 times more than the average in Portland, Ore., whereas almost seven out of 10 date ideas in Denver, Colo., suggest wine. Gin, it turns out, is the drink of choice in D.C., while Philly goes for tequila. As for Seattle? Well, it's the only city where a coffee date is as popular as a boozy one.


Of course, 62 percent of all dates suggested on How About We actually involve alcohol, although cooking classes, learning about wine, and dancing were some of the few "educational" dates that topped the list. And while dinner is still the most popular first date choice, West Coasters are more likely to make a breakfast or brunch date. We can only hope those are boozy brunches.