Most Outrageous Restaurant Server Uniforms

These restaurants may not be the best places to hold important business meetings (or maybe they would be... to each their own), but they are guaranteed to provide a fun night out. So sit back, enjoy the food, and be glad you are not the one dressed up in an alien costume.

Check out this collection of restaurants where your server will certainly be dressed to impress:

Casa Bonita, Lakewood, Colo.
Featured in season seven of Comedy Central's South Park, Casa Bonita is a popular theme restaurant offering endless Mexican-inspired beef or chicken entrées and sopapillas. The restaurant features cliff divers (who jump from a cavernous rock structure in the middle of the restaurant a few times a night) as well as wandering entertainers like costumed Mariachi bands and fire dancers, and people in gorilla suits.

Heart Attack Grill, Las Vegas
With a name like Heart Attack Grill, it seems only natural that the servers should dress up as naughty nurses, right? Well, it certainly makes sense in Sin City. This is not a restaurant for health nuts: With a hospital theme and burgers named the double, triple, and quadruple bypass, anyone looking for a serious calorie-fest should feel right at home here. With fries cooked in lard, and shakes prepared with heavy cream (and spiked, to boot), it is easy to understand where the Heart Attack Grill got its name.

Ninja New York, New York City
Picture this: You enter a restaurant by going underground through a darkened path beset by armed ninjas. Upon exiting the path, you find yourself in what appears to be a castle decorated in the style of feudal Japan, known as the "ninja village" — welcome to Ninja New York. If you have a craving for Japanese/American/French fusion food that comes served to you by waiters clad in ninja attire, look no further. The ambience is impressive and the experience is worth a stop on your next trip to New York.

Farrell's Ice Cream Parlour, Various Locations
Founded in 1963, Farrell's Ice Cream Parlours bring a bit of old-time Americana to the new millennium. Waiters wear pinstriped vests, old-fashioned ties, and cane hats. In addition to donning the costume, though, the servers have passed a rigorous audition process. You will know this to be true when they start belting out a tune as they serve your sky-high sundaes. That's right — food, ice cream, and singing waters. Farrell's has it all.

Royal/T Café, Culver City, Calif.
Inside the Royal/T art space in Culver City is a café where the servers are dressed in the style of Japanese "cosplay" (a type of costumed performance art) by wearing Lolita-esque maid outfits. Along with more than 24 different types of loose-leaf tea, the café serves a variety of delicious sandwiches, salads, and other entrées. Guests can enjoy their lunch and tea, and then look at the current exhibit on display in the museum area.

Bors Hede Inne, Carnation, Wash.
Tucked away inside medieval village Camlann in Carnation, Wash., the Bors Hede Inne offers an authentic 14th-century dining experience. Inside, guests will dine on genuine medieval recipes served with wine, mead, ale, or juice. A cozy fire burns in the hearth, and the staff will, of course, be dressed in traditional clothing while a wandering minstrel entertains patrons as they dine.

Lucky Cheng's, New York & Las Vegas
So you are looking for food served by someone in costume... how about by someone dressed in drag? Well, for a very reasonable price at Lucky Cheng's, guests get a three-course Asian-American dinner and a fabulous drag show. The New York location was so successful that there is now another spot in Las Vegas. What could be better than "Downtown Drag Cabaret Dinner Theater"?