More Presidential Bites: Obama And Romney Latte Art

One day left to go, and you're probably nauseated thinking about what other food poll could possibly be used to determine the results of the presidential election tomorrow. Beerjobber pitted beers against each other to call Obama the winner, and the president is still winning the 7-Eleven coffee cup war, the BGR Obama burger poll, and the California Tortilla's Obama burrito bowl poll. 

But we can certainly appreciate this latte art, pitting President Obama against Mitt Romney in our coffee mugs. Thanks to the Huffington Post for pointing out the art made by latte artist Mattun at TokyoOtaku Mode. (Check out Mattun's Twitter for more inspired latte art, too.)

Which do you like better? If only they could make this in the 7-Eleven coffee cups... 

(Images courtesy of Twitter/ latte_artist_jk)