Michael White's SBFWF Tortellini With Black Truffle

You eat a lot of food at food festivals that's good, even great in the moment. But there aren't always dishes that stick with you because they just, taste so damn good. So it was during the South Beach Food & Wine Festival last February at the Delano. Visiting chef Michael White's Dolce Brunch at Blue Door Fish was hosted by Bravo's Top Chef judge Gail Simmons, and featured appearances by White and frequent Food Network judge Alex Guarnaschelli of Butter.

Forget who was there or if chef Michael White prepared the dish. When it comes to the tortellini with panna fresca, black truffle, and Parmigiano that was served at this brunch, you wouldn't care who made it or where you were eating it. There was a rich, buttery sauce draped with black truffle shavings that sent you looking for a spoon and someone who couldn't finish theirs. And for all these reasons, this dish made my list of most memorable meals of 2011.

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