Meet Popchips' New Spokesperson, Katy Perry

Popchips signs on 'candy queen' as new spokesperson

Katy Perry is expanding her kingdom. The self-declared candy queen is now taking on the snacking industry, as she joins forces with Popchips.

Popchips recently signed the pop star as their new spokesperson, which shouldn’t surprise Perry’s fans. Her tweets gushing about the snack brand hinted at the inevitable alliance between the snack company and the mega pop star. Back in May, a fan suggested that the singer nibble on Popchips instead of reaching for some pizza. A little while later, Perry tweeted, "I just INHALED them, thank you very much! #POPCHIPSFTW #PLEASESENDMEMORE?!" Which is exactly what the snack company did.

"Ask and you shall receive!?! Last night’s tweet came true… Thanks @popchips, we’ve now formed a mini bar alliance."

Perhaps the spokesperson contract was sent over with the stash of free popped potato chips. Maybe the company figured that they should compensate Perry for her twitter endorsements. Either way, the actress’s tweets seem to be the major force driving this alliance. However, the singer’s involvement with Popchips will go beyond a few tweets of praise. Perry hasn’t just signed on to be another pretty face for the brand; she has agreed to join as an investor and creative partner, alongside Ashton Kutcher and P. Diddy. Hopefully, the pop star will have a better endorsement run than Kutcher did, though. His commercials were pulled from the air after stirring up controversy for being racist and offensive.

The commercials are set to air in the fall, which leaves designers plenty of time to design a bra made entirely out of Popchips.