Meet The 'Appy Couple'

If this summer consists of trekking on a whirlwind tour of America hopping from wedding to wedding, this app is for you. Meet Appy Couple, a free app that lets soon-to-be married couples keep their guests informed of their latest wedding details with the tap of their smartphones. Each couple can design a completely personalized version of the app, and it will only be able to be downloaded and viewed by the couple and their wedding guests.

To start, choose a color scheme and theme and from there, the app makes organizing your wedding and giving friends and family all access to the plans a cinch. Including guests' opinions in the big day is an option — poll the crowd on signature cocktails, playlists, and even must-have kitchen gadgets to add to the registry. 

Guests can send the bride and groom a glass of virtual champagne, shop the registry, and even get a sneak peek at the menu. 

The app is currently available for iPads, iPhones, and the web. Android users, don't fret, you're next. Check out the Appy Couple app here.