Meatloaf Recipes Your Family Will Love

The best meatloaf recipes for every occasion
Meatloaf Recipes Your Family Will Love

Easy and cheap, meatloaf is a comfort food worth making.

Classic Meatloaf. It’s the stuff you grew up on and, whether you like it or not, it feels like home.
Classic Meatloaf
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Meatloaf Fit for Champions. Meatloaf gets a classy makeover in this recipe. Don’t be intimidated by the ingredient list — you’ve already got most of it in your pantry.
Meatloaf with Gravy
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Bacon Makes it Better. Classic meatloaf is wrapped in bacon. Fun fact: the culinary lingo for this technique of wrapping meat in fat while it cooks is known as barding.
Meatloaf with Bacon
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Meatloaf Express. Ever get a hankering for meatloaf but don’t want to wait an hour for it to come out of the oven? Enter the five-ingredient, 35-minute individual serving meatloaf.
Meatloaf Express
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Turkey Meatloaf. Just like regular meatloaf, but slightly healthier and with a lighter flavor.
Turkey Meatloaf
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Meatloaf Meets Meatless Mondays. This meat-free loaf is made meaty with lentils, rice, and mushrooms. If you substitute brown rice in for the white rice, just add the rice and a bit more water to the pan when you cook the lentils.
Vegetarian Meatloaf
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