A Meal At El Bulli Slideshow

Mojito and Apple Flute

A "Mojito Sandwich" that melts into drink form as you eat it.

Almond-Fizz with Amarena-LYO

Nori Seaweed with Lemon

A lemon dumpling

Gorgonzola Globe

Aperitive Ice-Cream

Parmesan "Porra"

Hazelnut -Raspberries & Caviar and Hazelnut Cookie

Shrimps "Tortilla" (version one)

A shrimp omelet.  One is sweet and the other is savory.

Shrimps "Tortilla" (version two)

Ham and Ginger Canapée

My favorite dish of the day.  The chip is the ginger, and the gelatinous cube is the ham.

"Marchand du Vin"

Bone Marrow and Chopped Oyster in a red wine reduction.

Boiled Shrimp

Prawn Two Firings

Quails with Carrot "Escabeche"

Quail "Crudo" – Probably one of the few places in the world that I would eat raw quail.

Soya Matches

A celebration of traditional japanese flavors all in one dish: Miso, Red Bean, Konbu, Bonito, Soy, etc...

Tiramisu and Leaf

Caviar Cream with Hazelnut Caviar

Truffle "Drap" & Parmesan "Macaron"

A celebration of the senses. Smell the white truffle while you eat the parmesan macaron and it actually tastes like truffles. Ferran is making a point that most of the white truffle experience is the aroma.

Truffled Blini

Though it is pretty delicious when you add the actual white truffles to this modern "mozz-arepa".

Cold Sea Anemone with Bernacles

You can't go to El Bulli and not eat sea anemones.  This time they were served with Percebes, the last time with raw rabbit brains.

Small Crab Anemone

Tender Pistachios

The new take on the spherified olives.  Old and new.  This time with pistachios.

Gnocchis of Polenta with Coffee and Saffron Yuba

Endive in Papillote 50%

"Gazpacho" and "Ajo Blanco"

A perfect marriage of the two classic gazpacho preparations

Turtledove with Blackberries Risotto with Cardamom

Hear Ravioli with "Bolonesa" and Blood

Wild Strawberries with Hare Soup

"Coca de Vidre" - Crystal Cake

Mini-Donuts & Apple Rose


This dessert box is the most unbelievable feat. Perfection. It speaks for itself.