McDonald's Serves Wine in South America

In another case of foreign Mickey D's envy, we learn that the fast-food giant actually has decent wine on an Argentina menu

McDonald's Logo

Well, this is just unfair. Not only do foreign fast-food joints get foie gras burgers, amazing commercials, and three-Michelin star chefs, they also get wine on the menu.

Jaunted reports that an Argentinean outpost of McDonald's in the wine capital of Mendoza serves a 187mL bottle of wine on a "Sabores Mendocinos" menu.

The menu includes a double-patty burger of Angus beef, two meat empanadas, and a glass bottle of a local malbec for a whopping $10.80. 

The wine, which is tauted as "an intense, balanced wine with aromas of red fruits and spices," was founded to be very fruity and "drinkable," according to Jaunted palates. Plus, the meal came with a cup of sparkling water. Napa Valley Mickey D's better get on it; this mouse-in-bread-bag stunt isn't cutting it.

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