McDonald's Does Cucumbers?

McDonald's executives launch new line of McWrap’s

McDonald's wrap packaging comes in a convenient shape to fit in both your hand and car's cup holder.

Don’t you just hate it when you want a snack wrap but you’re hungry enough for three? Well, McDonald's knows what you’ve been going through, and their team of executives report that specialists in Austria have come up with a solution.

The McWrap is the newest McDonald's Menu item (yes, it comes with fries too), which includes a variety of mixed greens, various vegetables, and a flour tortilla. The meal was integrated into the McDonald's US menus earlier this month, and from the looks of it, people are responding very well.

Trying out the three available combinations, Bacon and Chicken, Sweet Chicken Chili, and Chicken and Ranch, all wrapped up in a freshly steamed tortilla, McDonald's might be your local Deli’s new competition.  These wraps come stuffed with mixed field greens, cucumbers, carrots, and of course, the variation of chicken that you choose at the counter when ordering. 


McDonald's has said that it is evolving into a new, nutrition-focused restaurant and with 360 Calories and 26g of protein in a grilled Premium McWrap with Sweet Chili Chicken; we’re having a hard time doubting them. To give this wrap a little flavor, McDonald's even strayed away from classically used oil-based sauces, like mayonnaise, and created a yogurt based creamy garlic sauce as a healthier alternative for the new McWrap.