McDonald’s Australia Sells 2 Kinds of Hot Cross Buns for Easter

Fruit or chocolate-chip, take your pick

McDonald’s locations in the United States lean heavily on Filet-O-Fish sandwiches during Lent, but in Australia and New Zealand, there’s another Easter-themed treat: hot cross buns.

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Hot cross buns are a traditional baked spiced bun, often dotted with currants or raisins, and marked with an icing cross to symbolize the crucifixion of Jesus. Of course they can be eaten year-round, but they are most associated with Lent and the Easter season.

And Americans who played the recorder in grade school will almost surely remember the recorder-friendly simple song of the same name, sung to the tune of “Three Blind Mice.” (“One-a-penny, two-a-penny, hot cross buns!”)

This isn’t a new product for the chain, but it’s now back again through Easter, which is April 21 this year. The chocolate buns are embedded with chocolate chips, and the fruit version features currants and sultanas (golden raisins). But don’t expect to find this menu item in the States.

Chocolate chip hot cross buns

McDonald's Australia

“The hot cross buns are sold through McCafe in our restaurants in Australia and New Zealand,” a spokesman for McDonald’s Australia told The Daily Meal in an email.


According to food blog Brand Eating, the hot cross buns can also be toasted and topped with butter upon request — and why wouldn’t you request that? Mark this down in your mental to-do list for that eventual Down Under vacation, if it happens to be around Easter. While we’re mulling over fast-food offerings we likely won’t be eating soon, here are the vanished McDonald’s items you’ll never see again.