May the Odds Be Ever in Your (Wedding) Favor

Yes, it's happening — a wedding-inspired 'Hunger Games' competition

Do you have what it takes to channel your inner Katniss? Well, 12 ladies in the wedding business think they do, that's for sure. Across the globe, a dozen women have to decided to offer themselves up as "tribute" to create wedding inspiration boards in the field of their focus: catering, entertainment, floral, etc. 

Sponsored by The Wedding Event Institute (WEI), the competition is a result of all the Hunger Games-inspired weddings that are bound to happen in 2012 and 2013. Ergo, WEI decided it be best to get the ultimate mood board going for that fictitious couple who is going to need a little help when planning their "wedding in the woods." 

Here's a brief description of the event from WEI: 

"We already know and understand that this is a dark movie with a variety of underlying meanings, but that is not our focus. Neither is the plot, which sees 24 kids aged between 12 and 18 fighting to the death for entertainment value. We are not here to judge. However, we do know that we will see Hunger Games-inspired weddings in 2012 and 2013, and there are many inspirations that can be drawn from it. The question is, who is up for the challenge?"

The 12 "districts" include people from the following countries: Australia, Great Britain, Brunei, and the United States. What is gracing the catering section so far, you wonder? Well, Keri Ketterer from the U.S. has "pinned" round bread loves and a dandelion salad à la Peeta, moss-topped cake stands, and other appropriate tablescapes. The week is still young and there are 11 other districts to view on Pinterest

Check back to see the Ultimate Hunger Games mood board when the winner is chosen.