beer and chips

100-Year-Old Woman Says Beer and Potato Chips Are the Secret to Long Life

Matilda Curcia drinks a beer every night and says it keeps her feeling good
beer and chips

A 100-year-old woman says she enjoys a beer and some potato chips every night. 

When a 100-year-old person gives diet advice, the whole world listens. And when San Francisco resident Matilda Curcia celebrated her 100th birthday this week, she gave the rest of the world a gift and said the secret to long life is beer and potato chips.

"I have no pain and do my exercises every day. And have my beer. Eat my potato chips. That's about all,” she told NBC San Diego when asked what she thought was the secret to her long life.

Curcia says she stays in shape by walking regularly with her friend and neighbor Mickey, who was born just four days after Curcia. The two celebrated their 100th birthday with a joint party. Sometimes they ride bikes together, too. The only other thing Curcia could think of was that she drinks one beer and eats three potato chips every night.

Curcia joins a long list of centenarians who have given the rest of the world hope that the secret to long life is in the things we enjoy the most. 102-year-old Eunice Modlin of Indiana says the secret to her longevity is dark chocolate and naps, while Michigan's 104-year-old Theresa Rowland says she's had at least one Diet Coke every day since 1982, and she can't think of anything else that would explain her long life. 107-year-old Mariano Rotelli said he’d been spiking his coffee with whiskey for 100 years, and maybe that had done him some good. They might not have the same diet habits, but they all clearly have a favorite indulgence they don't plan on giving up in their twilight years.

While nobody really knows the secret to long life, a recent study indicated that an ingredient in beer could potentially have some surprising health benefits, including preventing diabetes and other forms of metabolic disorder. The reported health benefits don’t counteract the negative effects of drinking too much, but one beer a day does not appear to have hurt Matilda Curcia too much. Anyone looking to raise a glass to Curcia’s health should check out this list of the world’s 50 best beers.