Massive Attack's 'Teardrop' Gets Fruit and Vegetable Cover

Songwriter/producer Jonathan Dagan (J.Viewz) covers the 1998 song using strawberries, grapes, eggplants, and a carrot

Remember that homemade kitchen synthesizer that used spatulas and pans to create all sorts of insane electronica sounds? Well, this guy decided to do the same thing with fruits and vegetables, pulling off an immense, produce-heavy salad cover of Massive Attack's "Teardrop." Impressive.

All worries about produce getting juice on the gear aside, the cover isn't quite as long as the original, but it's definitely cool. J.Viewz uses two "wonderfully-looking mushrooms, for a psychedelic effect," kiwi slices, grapes, and sliced eggplant to close the circuits, to trigger electricity signals which translate into keyboard signals through a circuit board called the MaKey MaKey. "The fun part is closing the circuits through vegetables," he says, as grapes and strawberries trigger high keyboard notes. Eggplant halves, mushrooms, and a kiwi slice work as a drum set.

By touching the fruits and vegetables, J.Viewz closes the circuit to send a signal to the MaKey MaKey; NPR notes you can do the same thing with bananas, oranges, and seafood. Watch the magic below.

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