Awkward Moments with Martha

Even the domestic doyenne likes to have a little fun on the air

Since September 2005, The Martha Stewart Show has been delivering a daily dose of helpful how-tos, entertaining wisdom, and culinary guidance to creative DIY-ers, hosts and hostesses, and home cooks. With her, we’ve learned how to make the perfect cheesecake and taken away easy tips and tricks for an unforgettable outdoor party. But even this hostess-cum-chef-cum-domestic doyenne has her flaws.

On April 20th, The Martha Stewart Show is airing it’s 1,000th episode. To celebrate, we’re exposing Martha’s other side — her cream-throwing, pole-dancing, sticky-bun-burning, side-stitch-inducing alternate ego. See for yourself:


1. She burns sticky buns!


2. She knows how to pole dance.


3. She loves nuts, all kinds of nuts...


4. She likes her liquor — maybe too much?


5. Can she keep her cool when a guest goes crazy in the kitchen?


6. She can rap, and knows her "green brownies."