Maple Syrup Initiative in Vermont

Tap Into Vermont pours it on

Now don’t get all sappy on us, but maple syrup season in Vermont is coinciding with spring skiing, and sugar makers, Long Trail Brewery, and Amtrak are showcasing Cabot cheddar, Vermont maple syrup, and Long Trail beer on trains March 1 then offering actual train rides to and from Vermont throughout the month.

According to the Vermont governor, "Vermont leads the U.S. in maple production. Ten years ago, we had about 1 million taps in Vermont, and we expect three times that many in 2013. Sugaring is not only a long-standing part of Vermont's heritage, but it's also a vital component of the state's modern-day economy."

Combining travel, food, drink, and skiing, this statewide promotion finally lets maple syrup have its month.

"This finely orchestrated collaboration across the private and public sectors speaks to the significance of our state’s cultural ties to agriculture and premium products," Kathy Murphy, chief marketing officer for the State of Vermont said in a note to The Daily Meal, "be it maple, dairy, and craft beer, as well as the much revered ski train tradition."


Should be a sweet time for all.