ManHands Soap Makes You Smell Like Bacon, Beer, Buttered Popcorn

Yes, we've always wanted our men to smell like a food vendor at a baseball game

Let's be clear here: There is nothing wrong with a man getting some vanilla-scented soap, or even better, soap that smells like jasmine green tea. But naturally, novelty shop Gadgets and Gear is now selling a line of ManHands, manly scented soaps.

Some of these supposedly male-oriented fragrances? Bacon soap, buttered popcorn, red wine, margarita, and brewed coffee. And it makes sense: There is a bacon fragrance, after all, and brewed coffee is one of the best smells in the morning.

Other choices are less stellar: Beer (you'll smell like every hangover, ever), red wine (same logic), and cash. "There is no smell a young female will be more attracted to, trust us," the producers say of the cash scent (we disagree; nowadays, it's plastic. Get with the program, bros).


Luckily, there are also some gender-neutral scents, like the aforementioned brewed coffee as well as a margarita scent. Of course men can enjoy margaritas, and the scent itself is wonderfully citrus-y, we imagine. Just stay away from the marijuana scent, unless you're in Colorado.