Man Hospitalized After Brussels Sprout Overdose

Even the most healthful foods seem to be trying to kill us now, as a Scotland-dwelling gentleman discovered last Christmas when he was hospitalized after an overdose of Brussels sprouts. Seriously, even Brussels sprouts are dangerous now?

According to the Huffington Post, most of us can snack on the cruciferous vegetables with relative impunity. The man who was hospitalized last year had received a mechanical heart that required him to take anticoagulants. Brussels sprouts contain high amounts of vitamin K, which promotes blood clotting and negated the effects of the man's blood-thinners.

"Whilst we think this is possibly the first-ever festive admission to hospital caused by the consumption of Brussels sprouts, we were delighted that we were able to stabilize his levels," said Jill Young, chief executive of the Golden Jubilee Hospital.

The strange story got the man written up in this month's Medical Journal of Australia, which advised doctors to counsel patients on anticoagulants to avoid overconsumption of vitamin K-rich foods like Brussels sprouts.

But for most people Brussels sprouts are still quite healthful, so check out some of our best Brussels sprout recipes.