Man Gives Up Food For Lent: You'll Never Guess How He Did It

Catholic Canadian decided to give up food for Lent, and is instead drinking beer for 40 days straight

Chris Schryer loved beer before his experiment, but will he get sick of it by the time he's done with 40 days of drinking it non-stop?

The Catholic Church encourages its followers to give up a vice, habit, or type of food for Lent in the weeks leading up to Easter Sunday. But what would Pope Francis think about this guy’s “sacrifice?”

Toronto-native and beer expert Chris Schryer decided to give up solid food entirely for Lent, and instead consume beer for 40 days straight. Schryer is writing about his experience with this frothy diet on his well-known Toronto Beer Blog, and answered questions about his Lenten decision on a local radio show this week.

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Schryer’s experiment with giving up solid food is in emulation of the Bavarian monastic order who created Dopplebock in the 17th century, according to The Toronto Sun. He is on a “clear liquid diet” meaning that he can’t consume things like smoothies or most fruit juices. He has three bottles of beer a day, and keeps his blood sugar up by drinking apple juice and tea.

Schryer is on day 21 of this experiment, and he explained in his blog that he’s not an alcoholic, and that he doesn’t think his actions are sacrilegious.

 “Sure, it’s no fun not eating food…But I would much rather share the good stuff,” wrote Schryer on his blog. “And that is why I feel OK with this very public, very loud fast. And I think Jesus is OK with it too.”

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