Man and Dog Steal Liquor from Restaurant During Hurricane Harvey

A man brought his dog to steal alcohol and use the restaurant’s kitchen

A man and a dog robbed a Texas wine bar during Hurricane Harvey.

While a Texas German Shepherd was becoming a beloved Internet celebrity for braving Hurricane Harvey for a bag of dog chow, another Houston dog tagged along while its owner robbed a local wine bar of liquor and food.
According to Click 2 Houston, Max’s Wine Dive closed early on Saturday, August 26, because of Hurricane Harvey. While all the staff and customers were waiting out the floods in safety, though, someone snuck into the restaurant through a broken window and stole 30 bottles of top-shelf alcohol.
Security camera footage shows the man carefully packing up the alcohol bottles in a bag. He even went into the kitchen and made himself some shrimp.
According to the restaurant, the man also stole some sausage patties and did $3,500 of damage to the restaurant during the break-in. Security footage reportedly shows the robber trying to get into the cash register, but he was unable to get it open.
The whole time the man was robbing the restaurant and cooking the food, his very small dog scampered happily around the room. Alcohol is one of the 12 human foods you should never give a dog, but that little dog was probably hoping for a treat of its own.