Tofu Habit Blamed For Man's 500 Kidney Stones

Tofu has a pretty good reputation for being a very healthful food to eat. It is high in protein and calcium and low in calories, and is very nice when mixed in with vegetables. But everything has health risks when consumed in high enough quantities, and one man recently made the very painful discovery that too much tofu can lead to an extraordinary number of kidney stones.

According to Rocket News 24, a 55-year-old man in Zhejiang, China, has been eating tofu every day for most of his life. He's had kidney stones from time to time, but in general they were the normal kind and did not cause him too many problems. Recently, however, he started experiencing extreme discomfort, and when doctors took an ultrasound they discovered that he had over 500 kidney stones.  

Doctors say the man was eating tofu every day and not drinking nearly enough fluids, and the large amount of calcium led to the creation of hundreds of kidney stones. An exact count is impossible, but the hospital says they noticed over 420 large stones and many smaller ones were sucked out with a vacuum.

The man was reportedly eating a particularly high-calcium variety of tofu, which could have contributed to the problem.