Man Arrested For Assault With A Flare Gun Full Of Rice Krispies

A man has been arrested and inspired a series of "cereal offender" puns this week after allegedly shooting a man with a shotgun shell full of Rice Krispies.


According to KRCR News, police in Eureka, California, were called to the scene of shots fired in the afternoon on June 7. When they arrived, they found that an adult man had been shot in the hand by a man wielding a flare gun loaded with a shotgun shell stuffed with Rice Krispies cereal. The man's injury was not life-threatening, because he was only hit in the hand with a shotgun shell full of Rice Krispies, but he was taken to the hospital for treatment.


Meanwhile, the suspect, a 29-year-old man named Timothy Glass, took off on a bike to avoid police. They did eventually catch him, though, and he was arrested for resisting arrest and violating probation. He may not be facing a specific charge for assaulting someone with breakfast cereal, but Glass has still earned himself a place among the weirdest arrests in U.S. history.


The victim said that Glass was the man who shot him in the hand with Rice Krispies, but he said he did not want to press charges. Glass is still facing charges of resisting arrest and violating probation.


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