Making The Most Of A Green Summer Wedding

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Summer is a delightful time to get married. The world is in bloom, the weather is warm and inviting, and lots of professionals have available vacation days! This is especially true if you have any teachers, professors, or students on your guest list. Summer is the perfect time to get everyone together outdoors for some fresh food, refreshing beverages, and cute wedding gowns that show just the right amount of skin.


Whether you're getting married simply or are planning an outrageously decadent affair, incorporating some traditional summer fun into your festivities is always a crowd pleaser. If the weather is good, you'll have plenty of time to set up an outdoor playground. Still, it's always a good idea to plan some indoor activities too, just in case. If you do get a summer squall, look for rainbows! That's a photo op not to be missed.


Fresh Fruit

Fresh fruit is a logical summer choice for several reasons. It's a traditional food during the hottest months. It grows copiously (and locally) and it's versatile:  fruit works well on its own, in tarts and pies, and as an ingredient in smoothies and alcoholic daiquiris. Fruit is also beautiful—its rich colors evoke flowers, birds, and vibrant life. Use your fruit as a decorative tool, creating fruit sculptures on a side food table. Fruit is also delicious dipped in chocolate as a fondue or a frozen dessert. Work with your local farms to get whatever's in season. You can let availability guide your creativity.



There is something so incredibly romantic about the bicycle built for two. If you're traveling a short distance from your ceremony to your reception, why not do it in style on the back of a shining bike with your new partner? On a hot summer's day, people will be out and about. You'll get cheers, smiles, and maybe even a few high fives. This is your day: enjoy it to the fullest!


Outdoor Activities

If your wedding is on the relaxed side, consider incorporating some outdoor games into your festivities. If you're on a lake, encourage guests to swim by providing towels, extra bathing suits and a shower area. You may also consider erecting a volleyball net, badminton net, or croquet court. This is best if you're having an all-day wedding so guests can relax throughout the long afternoon.



Locally grown flowers are available in a wide  variety during the summer months. You can also grow your own if you think ahead. Sunflowers bloom in late August so if you plant them in the spring you'll have a large selection by your wedding day.