Make Salads More Interesting

If you're someone who loves eating salads — we know you're out there, I'm one of them — then you too know that it's easy to get stuck in a rut. Not that your go-to salad is bad or boring, but perhaps it lacks the creativity it first had because nothing about it changes. One of the best things about salads is that they are like blank canvases and can really be made of anything; they don't even have to have lettuce at all. So there's no reason why they should feel boring or repetitive.

As Mindy Fox, author of Salads: Beyond the Bowl, says, "Great salads go way beyond the standard 'greens plus a dressing.'" She suggests taking single ingredients you love, say fennel, and using them as the base of the salad instead of greens. Simply shave the fennel bulb, toss or layer it with one or two other ingredients — like orange sections and Gaeta olives — and then finish it off with a good quality olive oil and flaky sea salt.

For all of you salad lovers out there, Fox has generously offered tips from her book to help keep your salads lively and interesting, plus three fantastic recipes to get you started.

Check out her tips in this slideshow and never have a boring salad again!


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