Magnolia Bakery Closed Over Mouse Infestation

DOH shuts down Bleeker Street outpost on Valentine's Day

New York's tourists and Sex and the City fans were disappointed this week when a mouse infestation caused the Department of Health to shut down the original Magnolia Bakery on Valentine's Day.

The mice may have had poor timing, but the DOH said it found five "critical violations" at the Bleeker Street outpost of Magnolia Bakery, including mouse holes and droppings, which raised some unappetizing visuals.

"I used to love their vanilla cupcakes with the chocolate sprinkles," customer Leslie Hamilton said to the New York Post. "But I don't know. Ugh, mouse droppings? There are a lot of sprinkles on those cupcakes."

Magnolia spokesperson Sara Gramling blames Hurricane Sandy for the bakery's new inhabitants.
"Because of the flooding, a lot of mice have moved inward, and that was the issue that was found in the basement," she said.

Magnolia hoped to be open for business by Saturday, but according to CBS the bakery is still closed while employees attempt to rectify the situation.

"We’re doing everything we can in our power to get this store reopened, and hope to get an inspection today, and we’ll be baking fresh," said manager Bobby Lloyd.

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Lloyd says the clean-up is taking a lot of elbow grease, but they hope to be open again shortly. In the meantime, recreate their cupcakes at home with Magnolia Bakery's vanilla cupcake recipe.