Love, Oreos Come With Printed Love Notes On The Cookie

Conversation hearts, the sweet little candies that say such things as BE MINE or KISS ME, have had a monopoly on edible valentine messages for too long. Now if you want to send your love note and eat it too, there's a new Oreo cookie variety, fittingly called Love, Oreo.

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Love, Oreo cookies have one of four messages carved into their top cookie. Like conversation hearts, they're a little weird, but whatever. The four notes read either "Dunk In Love," "Let's Twist," "XOXO OREO" and "Dear Cupid Send OREO," and feature heart shapes as well.

The inside of the Valentine's Day-themed cookie is a little different, too. The crème filling is pink, which fits the holiday. The package, and an email from Oreo to The Daily Meal, both describe the filling's flavor as "a sweet and tangy flavor crème."

Opinions range as to what "sweet and tangy" really tastes like. Food publication Delish called it strawberry, but quoted an Instagram user who thought it was more like cherry limeade.

The Love, Oreo variety is a limited-edition offering that began to hit stores on Jan. 2.

Oreo tastemakers are really earning their sweet tooth this year. Buttered popcorn Oreos are reportedly in the works also. Honestly though, those probably don't even make the top five of the craziest Oreo flavors ever.